VIR Ocmis Irrigator

Ocmis VIR Irrigator


An example of our solar setups,

2 panel ground mount option

Welcome to i-Water

Spring is beginning to make it's presence known.  Mild winter temperatures and a little rain have meant the weeds are growing like crazy.  Part of our retail range includes the Rapid Spray equipment, small backpack sprayers through the ute mounted with auto Buddy reels fitted.  Demo units are available to view in store.

Hard Hose Irrigators

At i-Water we work every day with Lindsay Zimmatic centre pivots and laterals, high quality, with market leading telemetry plus efficient and cost effective, but we are realistic and know that they can't fit all irrigation solutions.  

Odd shape paddocks or perhaps gaps between paddocks also need irrigating.  A hard hose irrigator can be the best option in these situations.  We can supply Marani or Ocmis Hard Hose irrigators, to name just a couple, and they are available in a range of hose sizes and lengths.  Call us today for pricing and more information.


If it's something you'd like to know more about please talk to our team about our custom built solar pump systems, submersible, surface or even pool pumps.  Our plug & play setups are easy to install, cost effective and efficient.  Our three most favourite attributes!

Available from our website www.i-solar.com.au

Zero pool energy costs?

As part of our solar range we also include solar pool pumps, with a typical energy cost of $1000 to $2000 a year for an average size pool, it doesn't take long to get a quick return on solar investment.

For more information or a quote please click here.

Pop in and see us at 25989 - 25997 Warrego Highway, Chinchilla

(Look for the white & red building as you head to Dalby with the pivot span).