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Founded in 1955 in Lindsay, Nebraska, Lindsay Corporation has a proud heritage built upon a foundation of American Midwestern values of honesty, integrity and trust in all of our relationships. We make and keep commitments and strive to earn “customers for life.” Our valued clients can be confident in the knowledge they are dealing with a company that takes their reputation and their commitments very seriously.
This is how we strive to become your one dedicated partner – focused on a sustainable, long-term, positive relationship . . .

Unique Approach

Your assigned Key Account Manager facilitates a direct relationship with Lindsay Corporation, ensuring clear accountability for results and consistent treatment – no matter where your agricultural investment is located.

Knowledgeable Expertise

Lindsay’s expert resources and tools include agronomists, hydrologists, various engineering disciplines, financial modeling, etc. No other organization can provide the breadth of resources and depth of expertise – all through one convenient source.

Financial Strength

Despite the cyclic nature of the agricultural sector, Lindsay has consistently delivered profitable results. As a contractual counterparty, our clients benefit from expedited project funding and the assurance that their solutions are fully warranted by a respected and proven performer.

Zimmatic® centre pivots provide farmers worldwide with the best quality, highest performing irrigation systems.

For pivot irrigation sales in Queensland, you can't go past the quality of a Lindsay Zimmatic centre pivot or lateral.

Industry-Leading Solutions Portfolio

Our proprietary portfolio of industry-leading products and services can be customized to create fully integrated irrigation solutions that meet any grower’s specific requirements – delivered on-time and on-budget using a single contract.

Global Footprint

Selecting Lindsay ensures your irrigation solution benefits from enhanced system reliability and availability. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and warehouses are strategically located to meet continuously evolving needs, supported by a network of more than 300 dealers.

Built by the best

The superior construction of Zimmatic pivot points, support structure and towers provide you the stability where it counts the most. Zimmatic's pivot structural designs include some industry-leading features including exclusive Uni-Knuckle connector, exclusive split coupler, exclusive formed outlet to eliminate leaking and rust and external collector ring that eliminates water flow restriction. Every component is designed for peak reliability, performance and efficiency.

Zimmatic drivetrain technology continues to set all industry standards for efficiency and longevity. The centre drive and gearbox designs save energy costs while extending the life of the drivetrain. With the high efficiency features of drivetrain design, it's easy to see why the centre drives have logged more than 500 million hours of operation.

Zimmatic offers a complete line of advanced GrowSmart irrigation control systems that utilise the most up-to-date computer technology. These systems allow you to remotely program and monitor pivot operation more efficiently, saving you time, labour, water, energy, chemicals and money.

The additional benefits of Lindsay Pivot Control mean that we can also retro fit telemetry options to most other brands of pivots - bring all your centre pivots into one system.

From tyre sizes to sprinkler packages, Zimmatic centre pivots come equipped with the specific options you need for the most efficient use of your water and time.

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