Uni Knuckle Span Connector

Uni Knuckle Span Connector

Truss Rod Bracket

Truss Rod Bracket

Nelson Sprinkler

Customised Sprinkler Packages

Centre Pivots

The 9500P centre pivot is the most durable, rugged and longest lasting member of the Zimmatic pivot family.  Ideally suited for the roughest terrain, the longest systems and applications that require the most robust pivot point and pipeline structure.

  • More than 10% thicker pipeline than the competition's best offering which means additional strength and stability - the most substantial in the industry.
  • Formed sprinkler outlets are part of the pipeline, ensuring precisely matched threads for a watertight seal.  Traditional welded on couplings can result in leakage and rusting.
  • Exclusive Uni-Knuckle span connector features components that are mounted externally to eliminate flow restriction.
  • Unique spilt coupler encloses an inner rubber boot that ensures a solid watertight connection.
  • Standard, medium, high and ultra-high clearance options to fit a variety of crops.
  • The industry's fastest standard centre drive - completes a 0.402 kilometer mile radius circle in under 13 hours compared to others' 16 hour rotation speed
  • Custom sprinkler packages
  • Full flow collector ring
  • Larger, stronger materials
  • Available with 9500 CC Custom Corner arm
  • Poly lined options available
  • High clearance options available
  • Towable
  • Lateral move
  • No maximum machine length


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8500 P                                        

8500 P                                                                              9500 Series




9500 MP (Mobile Pivot)                                               9500 CC GPS   (Custom Corner)

Articulated Options