Data Logging

Fast Fill Standpipes and Data Logging


A recent addition to our portfolio of services, standpipes are proving that they can be more than just a water source!

Increasingly clients are self managing their dust suppression and construction water useage.  By using the i-Water Standpipes, combined with the Data Logging options allows for confidence and full traceability of water useage. 

i-Water have yet again used technology to their advantage.  Each i-Water standpipe comes with data logging, unique data keys for access and the visability the end user gets is second to none.  Whether i-Water manage the data monitoring for you, or you'd like to do it yourself, it's incredibly powerful whilst maintaining ease of use.

Labour and therefore cost savings quickly become apparent with automatic data capture, removing the need for paper based reporting.  Individually assigned data tags allows for multi-site useage whilst preventing unauthorised access.

Our clients wanted to be able to monitor water use, monitor who was using the standpipe, when and for how much water volume.  

  • Able to set monthly limits and load limits.
  • Able to limit access to standpipes within a time frame
  • Able to accurately monitor water use, by day, month, user, location ...

All standpipes can be set up for top filling and bottom filling if required.  If you need to relocate the standpipe once the project is finished, we can update the data and start recording again at the new location.  

Customised solutions include automated pumps, valving, metering and remote data capture via Satelite Phone in remote areas, 3G/4G elsewhere, on manual download depending on requirements.

If you'd like more information, call Richard 0418 622857 or click here to send an email.

Or for plug and play portable skids - download the information here.

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