Most tablets & smartphones will support the FieldNet app!

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FieldNet Pivot Control


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If it's remotely possible, FieldNet can do it!

  • Manage pivots & laterals
  • Manage pumps
  • Integrate plug & play sensors

Stay informed and make adjustments on the fly with next generation FieldNet.  Providing the most comprehensive options to remotely control entire irrigation systems - from pivots and laterals to pumps and sensors - FieldNet includes the only wireless management tool with an app on both major smartphone and tablet platforms.  That means that at any time throughout the crop lifecycle, growers can see what their systems are doing and control them from virtually anywhere using a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Fast and user friendly, FieldNet provides integrated water, fertiliser, and chemigation solution with remote control of pivots, laterals, end guns, injectors and pumps, and the ability to monitor and record everything from water and energy usage to rainfall and temperature.  It all adds up to less time in the field, less spent on valuable resources, and greater control of your operations.

FieldNet Pivot Control

For non Lindsay Zimmatic irrigators, there's now a retrofit option.  Bringing all your irrigation systems into one easy to use, technologically advanced interface.


FieldNet Mobile

Convenient, control and monitoring - in the palm of your hand

FieldNet Mobile apps for major smartphones and tablets combine the benefits and timesaving innovation of FieldNet with the convenience of Web enabled tablets.

When you want to make sure your pivot is reaching every part of your field, count on FieldNet giving you an in depth view of individual pivots.  Not only can you track your pivots, but you can adjust them accordingly, wherever you are or whatever type of pivots you use.

Fewer trips to the field means using leass fuel and labour.


Pump control

One integrated system maximises performance

Remotely check on, receive real time alerts and adjust pumps to meet the current demands of your field using a laptop, tablet or smartphone.  Water, labour and energy costs are lowered through this one integrated control system.  You can save up to 75% of the time and fuel it takes to manually check operations.

Monitoring and Control

Measurement and monitoring tools provide critical usage and performance information for continuous improvement.

Status and Alerts

Keeps growers informed on system operation and notifies them about any disparities in normal operation.

Pressure Adjustments

FieldNet can automatically adjust pump station pressure set points to best match demand from the pivots that are irrigating.

Dynamic Demand Control (DDC)

Allows pivots to be grouped with pump stations for powerful information sharing which reduces energy costs.  Pumps are operated at the most energy efficient setpoint and then automatically sequence to effectively meet demand.

FieldNet Pro with GPS

FieldNet Pro combines GPS positioning and wireless communication to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your existing centre pivots with mechanical or non-Zimmatic control panels.  By retrofitting an existing system with FieldNet Pro, you gain all of the convenience of FieldNet's Web and mobile app capabilities, including updates on system status, position, water pressure and real time alerts.  And global positioning gives you control right down to the end guns for precise water application.