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Full Variable Rate Control for Unlimited Flexibility

This technology allows you to apply exactly the right amount of water or chemicals to each area of your field - giving you full control over each square foot to maximise yields and profitability.

How it works?

You can define custom irrigation zones with the easy to use mapping software - we will train you and help you to get started!  Zones can be defined by soil type, topography, crop type or field obstacles.  The variable rate program is then loaded into the Precision VRI controller that directs individual sprinklers through the wireless nodes.  Sprinklers will turn on or off for zone control, or pulse at the precise speed to achieve full variable rate application.


Main Benefits

  • Decrease power consumption
  • Changes application rate over different crop types or soil types
  • Reduces over watering
  • Less track maintenance
  • Reduces run off and leaching
  • Decreases fertigation and chemigation costs
  • Decreases and eliminates watering in low or flooded areas
  • Provides web based irrigation recording and reporting