Vision for Laterals - New!

A breakthrough in user friendly lateral control!

Vision for laterals creates an entirely new experience for growers.  Its user friendly design, built specifically for lateral irrigation, allows you to automatically control your systems with the touch of a button.

Vision's Powerful Benefits

  • Easy to use interface
  • Quick view of key information
  • Custom application plans
  • Precise programmable control with GPS positioning
  • Saves water and labour, and reduces error
  • Enhanced shutdown diagnostics
  • New use for end guns
  • Works with existing Zimmatic laterals

Up to 15 times faster

Vision simplifies lateral control and was designed with the grower in mind.  It's 15 times faster to program than other lateral panels.  From straightforward navigation to intuitive programming, the patent pending EZ Water Wizard works seamlessly and intelligently.  Plus, the software is tailored to square and rectangular fields, so it fully automates normal lateral functionality.