Safety Focus

Safety Standards and Policies

We are commited to providing and maintaining a safe working environment for all stakeholders.  Our goal is to be a zero harm organisation.  At i-Water we believe that safety is everyone's responsibility and we all work to eliminate or minimise hazards and injuries from the workplace.

Our OH & S Administrator implements our health and safety system, based on the ISO 14001 and AS 4801 standards.


Our field service technicians undertake comprehensive specialised equipment specific training.  Training ranges from equipment set up to manual recovery.  Training ensures that our technicians can handle any unforeseen circumstances and deal with them appropriately and minimise project downtime.

Staff training and competencies are tracked using a skill register.  All staff receive regular OH & S training from our in-house programme as well as using outside training providers where necessary such as St Johns for First Aid training etc.

Job Safety Analysis

The job safety analysis examines each basic step of our installation, service and repair process.  The JSA identifies the potential hazards and determines measures to protect all stakeholders from these hazards.  Jobs are continually monitored and the JSA is changed where required.  JSAs ensure that all our operations on your property are completed in a safe and efficient manner.

Plant Maintenance Policies

Our staff conduct prestart safety checks on every piece of equipment before each new day, ensuring safe and reliable equipment is in use on your site.

All equipment undergoes regular maintenance and servicing programmes during its working life and is maintained in accordance with the manufacturers specifications.  We are extremely lucky to have our own inhouse maintenance team who carry out such servicing and repairs.

Environment Standards

We are aware of the impacts our services have on the environment and take actions to minimise environmental risks.  We adhere to a hazardous substances policy (and thankfully don't actually use that many!) and use material safety data sheets to ensure that all substances, which may endanger the environment and health of employees, are correctly managed or removed from use.  In the event of a spill, our staff are trained in the correct procedures for management.

Training - See the video below for the training that we'll provide you with to ensure safe working practices are in place once you start operating your pivots.