A flexible monitoring platform for remote infrastructure management incorporating many innovative features, the Observant C3 is the cornerstone of the Observant system. The Observant C3 can be configured for modular operations or complete stand-alone operations when paired with Observant’s robust, tamper and vandal proof solar enclosure.

C3 Stand-Alone

With its compact lightweight design and flexible connectivity, the Observant C3 provides unparalleled functionality and flexibility. The C3 Stand-Alone is ideal for integration into existing infrastructure, from pumps to channel bays, and provides integrated access to Observant’s Global™ system for remote management and control.

Electronics Module

The Observant C3 electronics module is encased in a rugged ABS enclosure. An integrated 32mm DIN rail mount makes it compact and convenient for wall, cabinet or outdoor enclosure mounting.

Integrated Solar Enclosure

Designed with environmental protections, incorporating UV stable, watertight and debris shedding fittings, the integrated C3 solar enclosure can be
securely installed outdoors.
With the Observant C3, you can remotely manage a large range of equipment and choose from a number of wireless communications options, ensuring cost effective coverage and reliability for comprehensive remote management.
The Observant C3 is covered by a three year warranty and includes unparalleled after-sales service.  Talk to the team at i-Water today!