Solar Solutions from i-Water


Observant Remote Monitoring

Pumping Solutions

Whether you're looking for a simple pump or a fully automated system i-Water has the solutions you need.  Providing pump design, service and install across Queensland and northern New South Wales.

With access to all the leading pump and motor manufacturers, we can tailor make a system to suit your individual requirements - ensuring that you are irrigating as efficiently as possible.

Fully automated control is a speciality, be it electric or diesel powered, our designers will take the headaches out of pumping.  The automation of diesel pumping systems is an area we know well having developed Auto Start and Variable Flow Systems for growers in Queensland, South Australia and Victoria.

Remote telemetry options for pump start is also all available from i-Water.


Dirty water is the enemy of efficient irrigation, we have access to a wide range of filtration systems to ensure the right system is installed the first time.  From manual flushing to automatic flushing, from 10,000's of litres to improving your household water - we can help.  We carry a range of smaller disk and mesh filters, paper filters and carbon filters in store too.

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Solar Pumping Options

Working with our key suppliers, i-Water offer solar pumping solutions for a variety of water requirements, depths, pumping capacity - you name it, we can design a solution that meets your requirements.  We have a specific website dedicated to our solar solutions @ www.i-solar.com.au

Our ground mount kits or pole mount kits can be shipped any where in Australia.

We are now also able to supply and install solar options for pivots and river lift systems too, including solar rebates.  Removing energy costs and pumping efficiently is always our first priority.